Training | Static Line Jumps

16 years minimum. For those under 18 years the paperwork MUST be completed by a parent or legal guardian on the day of the jump.

Max. Weight
260lbs or 118Kg and proportional to height, age & sex.

Over 50 years
A doctors certificate is required stating you are fit to skydive. Training for a Solo Jump takes a minimum of 6 hours. The most modern type of student Ram-Air parachutes are used. You jump from a height of 3,000 feet.

You jump on your own, but the main parachute is opened automatically as you leave the aircraft. You always wear 2 parachutes, a reserve parachute for use in the unlikely event of the main parachute not functioning correctly.

After introduction and documentation is complete you learn about your parachuting equipment, how to exit the aircraft and fall in the correct position, how to steer the parachute to a good landing, aircraft drills and emergency procedures.

Your instructor is a highly experienced Skydiver who will help you, not only on your first jump course, but right through your skydiving.

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